Life is a Rollercoaster 

You know sometimes you hear a song and you just think “yep this sums my life up perfectly right now”.

For me, I heard Life is a Rollercoaster on the radio last week and I tell you what, I feel like I am on the biggest rollercoaster in the world right now. I almost feel bipolar the extremes of emotion I am experiencing on an almost daily basis.

Otis is giving me more ups and downs than a drive through the Alps, and I wish life would just plateau for a bit so the nausea subsides. Last week he was looking and feeling great. Then last weekend he got frightened and tried to leg it down the road, leaving me uncertain about his soundness. A couple of days rest and I thought he looked fine. But then yesterday was he trotting across the field with a limp, or was it my imagination? I will find out tomorrow…

Then Matt is giving me a rollercoaster of his own. Last week I was doubtful to our chances in the competition as he hadn’t settled and I had numerous holes picked in our work. Last weekend we had a fab dressage lesson and warm up competition, scoring 71%. I felt more competition ready. In the zone.

Then on Thursday morning he came in lame. I was gutted. Just over a week to go, and he’s not looking great. I checked the FEI rules and gave him some Bute Thursday and Friday morning, knowing he couldn’t have any from Saturday onwards because of the withdrawal period. I cancelled Sunday’s dressage lesson.

I couldn’t feel any swelling in his leg, but his flank was warm. On Friday I had a brainwave. I should see if my vet and chiropractor friend could see him. My theory was that on Wednesday, when we’d had a deluge of rain, he’d slipped in the field and tweaked himself. My friend did flexion tests and had negative results, so concluded that the heat in his flank was the cause of the lameness and the heat was a contusion (bruise to everyone else). Causes could be a kick (Otis wouldn’t dare! Would he?!), falling over, or bashing into something.

She straightened his slightly crooked pelvis anyway, as we weren’t sure if he put that out when he fell, but either way it would help him recover. 

And now I just have to wait until Monday to let the bruise dissipate, whilst crossing my fingers and toes and waiting for the next lurching move on this rollercoaster that seems to be my life at the moment.

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