Atypical Myopathy

Given that I keep hearing horror stories about horses becoming ill with EAM I thought it was worth revisiting one of the hardest and most harrowing weeks I spent at a riding school.

The Rubber Curry Comb

It was one wet and miserable November evening. “Come on Mum, we need to go see her”
“But we won`t see anything now” It was true. It was 5pm and almost pitch black already. But I insisted, I wanted to show Mum a friends new pony. Who was adorable! So we drove up the road to the most distant field, parked in the layby and went into the field. It was fairly dry and we picked our way across the field fairly easily calling the pony.

It was then that I realised the shrill whinnying was not in fact the wanted pony, galloping over to greet us (it`s in everybody`s dream) but another pony from near the fence. We trudged back against the wind and found the grey pony stuck in the fence calling frantically. Trying to calm the pony I rang down to the yard and asked for some…

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