The Spirit of Pony Club

This last week, the essence of Pony Club has really become apparent.

The kids adored their ponies, smothering them in hugs, kisses and praise. They've all improved their riding, and confidence. Most notably, the fact that they all galloped up the hill competently. With shrieks of laughter and face- splitting grins.

But I think my proudest moment of the week, and one which really showed how important the supportive spirit of Pony Club is.

We were doing the Handy Pony competition on Friday, where the children are timed round an obstacle course. One of my riders has an ex-driving pony, who wouldn't go near the flags or poles. So at the beginning of our competition, I said to the rest of the ride "because Corky doesn't like Handy Pony very much, would anyone be willing to let Freddie ride their pony for his round?"

Instantly, all their hands shot in the air as they generously offered their ponies to their friend. I was slightly taken aback, and initially slightly concerned Freddie would choose a sharp pony, but he chose the reliable camp-pro, and did the Handy Pony with minimal assistance, whilst having great fun.

I was very proud of the whole ride in the way that they supported each other, and how willing they all were to help each other out and give each other a good experience. After all, this is the reason we go to Pony Club, isn't it?

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