Running Livery Yards

I’ve known a few people who have migrated from DIY livery to part livery this past year, so I dug out this blog post.
I have to say that I am coming round to the idea of part livery. In our modern lives, time is at a premium and by the time you’ve divided it between family, work, friends, we end up with very little time to ourselves. This can mean that we feel pressured by time whilst with our horses, so we can’t fully enjoy their company. Additionally, very often our time gets taken up with the menial tasks – mucking out, field maintenance, etc – that we squash in our riding time, or don’t have time to enjoy it as much as we want. And surely one of the main reasons we have a horse is to ride?
Paying someone to look after your horse, can cost more, but if it means that you have more time for family, friends and work you will feel less stressed. Your horse time is also purely for grooming and riding, or anything else you want, which means you will have more time in the saddle and get more enjoyment from being with your horse. Which leads to a happier relationship with them.
I’ve definitely come round to the idea of part livery, and completely understand why it is becoming the most popular sort of livery available.

The Rubber Curry Comb

On the grapevine a few weeks ago I heard that I was in the market for my own livery yard. This was news to me, so I think the grapevine may have been a rose bush in disguise.

A couple of years ago I did dream of having my own yard, being my own boss, and potentially having my own riding school. Well, I now work for myself, so that is one box ticked. However, I`ve discovered that I prefer teaching for the long term, rather than the riding school one hour hello-goodbye sessions. I love seeing the progression of a relationship between horse and rider, as they work on the foundations which build into a great tower of success. This means I can cross “owning a riding school” off my bucket list.

The last one, of owning a riding school, is I believe a pie in a sky dream…

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