A Matt Update

Matt has had an exciting week, so I thought I’d update you all.

Last time I told you about him he had progressed to walking 30-60 steps a day in hand. Which was all very exciting!

He’s done six weeks of this walking, some days doing it twice and lately I think the walls had gotten longer. So Mum had the vet out again to assess him.

Mum walked him along the yard for the vet to see, then when she went to turn him around Matt did his “stop, stare, ignore everyone” pose so Mum performed the heinous crime of turning him towards her. Which is incidentally so that his injured hind was on the inside of the circle.

Anyway, the vet was really pleased that there was no swelling in the stifle, and the stride was smooth and fluid, suggesting the bones were gliding over each other easily.

She announced with some trepidation that it was time to introduce some turn out – how exciting! After all, Matt’s been on box rest for eighteen weeks. The following morning, fairly early, Mum gave Matt a little bit of Sedalin to take the edge off him. He hadn’t had breakfast in the hope that being a bit hungry would encourage him to eat.

Her yard owner led Matt to the outdoor arena – the smallest area to turn out (remember, this is a traditional yard with huge fields up the side of the mountain and most of the horses run together). Matt did start to get excited when he got past the 60 step mark, but when they released him he just stood there.

After a few minutes of Matt wandering round, having a sniff of droppings and nibble of tufts of grass, two of his friends came down the field to see him. And then he was off!

Several minutes of some beautiful, sound as a pound, trot and canter, a good roll on both sides, Matt settled and did some more wandering round and grazing for half an hour before returning to his stable.

The next day Matt couldn’t go out because there were lessons in the arena all day, but he looked a bit stiff when he was walked out so perhaps that was a good thing.

He went out again Monday morning without sedation, and had a shorter cavort around. Incidentally, Monday was our one year anniversary since we qualified for the riding club championships with 78%. How much has changed in twelve months!

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