Jumping Straight 

A throwback to one of the most useful correcting jumping exercises that I like doing. It tests straightness before and after jumps, encourages a horse to slow down and focus on the question in hand, and the take off and landing poles improve their technique in the air.

The Rubber Curry Comb

One of the mares I ride has a tendency to drift right as she jumps, so I developed a tricky little exercise for her. We always do a lot of work in counter canter, straightening her and making sure each rein is as good as the other.

She can rush thoughtlessly towards fences so after working over some canter poles I slowly built up to a placing pole to and upright and then a landing pole. This prevented her rushing and made her think about the jump, her positioning, and her getaway. I made sure to use wooden poles here because she can be careless and send light poles flying across the arena. Once she had mastered this set up, I added tramlines before the placing pole and after the landing pole.

The first time, the mare backed off the exercise, unsure of how to tackle it. But we clambered…

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