While I stand in the field in the cold, wet, windy field with a pony with choke waiting for the vet I thought this was a useful topic to reblog.

This pony gorged his bucket of feed, which is predominantly slop, and choked. After watching him retch for ten minutes I realised he wasn’t going to clear the blockage easily so I rang his owners to get the vet. His owners were unable to get to us quickly, so I liaised with the vet and as the pony was distressed and not clearing the blockage himself, she came out immediately.
He was sedated, given pain relief, and then we tubed him to gently flush out the blockage.
An hour later, and the blockage was pretty much cleared, so we left a still slightly sedated pony to chill and hopefully any remnants will be swallowed and he’ll be back to normal in no time!

The Rubber Curry Comb

Let’s talk about choke.

On Thursday the Chauffeur/Unpaid groom/Video man/Babysitter went to catch Phoenix. When they came in he commented how easy she was to catch. Not that she’s difficult, but she sometimes wants to know what’s in it for her and needs a treat.

She seemed fine as I tied her up and started grooming. As I began brushing her neck I heard a gurgle coming from her gullet. Then I looked more closely, and just behind her jaw was swollen and very tender when I touched it. She gurgled again, before contracting her neck and retching.

I knew it was choke, but haven’t had to deal with it for a few years. The cases I’ve seen have been ponies gorging dry pony nuts and getting a bolus stuck in their gullet. We used to massage their throat to help break up the blockage, but occasionally they needed tubing.

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