Boredom in the Mundane

Is anyone else reaching their limit during this lockdown?

This last week I seem to have hit a wall. The weather definitely doesn’t help. It’s been dreich for weeks, but the Beast from the East is really the icing on the cake. I get the sniffings of spring; like snowdrops creeping through and daffodils about to bloom; some warmth in the sun, and Phoenix not wanting to come in at 4pm!

We’re on week five (read five hundred and sixty three) of this third lockdown and it’s all become a bit mundane. Days merge together, walks are limited by weather and ground conditions. Local hacks are repetitive, the jump paddock is boggy, the horses are in winter mode. I’m bored, Phoenix is bored. Household jobs have lost all appeal – I mean, I can’t spring clean the house more than once a year. There are DIY jobs to do around the house and garden but it’s cold and wet, and not very appealing!

I think I’ve lost my mojo. I guess it happens a bit to all equestrians after Christmas, but usually we pull ourselves through with some goals, competitions or days out with friends. But with nothing to distract me, I find myself feeling glumpy. That’s a combination of glum, gloomy and down in the dumps.

I’m not one for moping, so I need a plan of action.

With this week’s weather I’ve decided to back off riding Phoenix. The lane is too icy to hack, and she doesn’t go well in the wind or cold. Her made-to-measure quarter sheet should be delivered tomorrow, so why put myself through tense, argumentative rides in the meantime? I’m better off doing in-hand work and being her friend.

I’ve spent the last couple of weekends doing some little projects – weaving a rainbow, embroidering a cat, some jigsaws, hanging up photo frames. But it’s not satisfying me. I’m going through the motions, but I’m not inspired. There’s a punch needle kit downstairs, but that’s proving frustrating to say the least.

Next on my list is reweaving the seat of a small chair from Portugal with seagrass which was mine as a toddlers and now looks a little worse for wear. The seagrass has arrived, the needle is with Royal Mail, so all I need to do is watch some YouTube tutorials…

Anyway, suggestions on a postcard for ways to get my mojo back!

In the meantime, let’s keep hoping that spring is on it’s way, and restrictions are eased so we can have a change of scenery, offload children onto grandparents, and see friends again.

Keep listening out for Too Ticky’s barrel organ.

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