Otis Update

I thought you’d all like an update on Otis.

He’s come through the winter nicely, although dropped a little bit of weight in the last month since his rug has been off, but I’m happy with that as he needs to be a little slim in spring so I don’t have to reduce grazing or anything. It’s not like he can be exercised to remove excess weight!

He’s still hairy, although that’s rapidly falling out of him. He’s very happy, still a little limpy in trot, but it doesn’t stop him cantering over for breakfast!

What I have enjoyed seeing these last couple of months is his relationship developing with Mallory. We always knew he was a gentle, sensitive soul. One who just rests his head against you and absorbs all your problems. Who calms you with a blink of his large, brown eye. But recently it’s become even more evident.

I bring him out of the paddock to feed as his field mate practically inhales his food and Otis’s is yummier, so it’s easier to separate them. I leave Mallory sat in the barrow, on top of the hay while I put the buckets down. Usually singing “postman pat and his black and white cat… Just as day is dawning, he picks up all the postmen in his van” because she’s delivering the horse’s food.

Then we take the barrow into the field, lift her out, and empty the hay. As I’m doing this she usually runs back to Otis, hugs his head (which isn’t much smaller than her whole body), tells him she loves him, and then turns his bucket upside down before giving it back to me, whether it’s empty or not. He just stands there, lapping up the attention, and carefully moving towards the bucket when she’s out the way.

His gentleness is paying off though, as any banana skins or apple cores are specifically requested to go to Otis now. But I love how tolerant he is of her, and how he’s teaching her how to treat others, whilst letting her express her feelings and childlike tendencies – carefully laying her favourite comforter over him, clapping, giggling in joy as she sits on him bareback, usually backwards, spinning Around the World regularly to change her view.

2 thoughts on “Otis Update

  1. thehorseylife Mar 31, 2021 / 5:25 pm

    How lovely! We were given a pony for our daughter’s 2nd birthday. I could see the field from the kitchen window, so while was washing dishes, she’d go out to play with Pumpkin the pony. Mainly, she’d call her over to a log on the ground, then climb on the log and try (unsuccessfully) to swing a leg over and climb on (she always put her helmet on first! – sometimes backward, but no matter since she never actually managed to climb on. Anytime Pumpkin felt Sarah was a little too close to succeeding, she’d just move her back end one step away from the log so Sarah couldn’t quite reach. Sarah is 36 now, but I can still remember those days like they were yesterday! One of the only times I actually looked forward to doing the washing up!!

    • therubbercurrycomb Apr 6, 2021 / 8:09 pm

      The first thing we did when lockdown started to ease was go get a new hat – she outgrew hers about Christmas and I didn’t want to order one online because of the fit – just been holding her leg tightly when she’s been on board! She’d only wear it if it was purple though, so we had to put a purple silk on 🤣
      Pumpkin sounds very clever! 😂😂

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