Creative Writing

As many of you can imagine, I enjoy my writing. Most of this blog is non fiction; be it a story from my hectic equine-centred life, or a discussion point, new concept or idea. However, this year I have also dabbled in children’s fiction.

I loved to read when I was young, and devoured book after book, but used to get frustrated with the numerous pony books which used incorrect terminology – such as calling the grey pony white. I decided that using a combination of my childhood, instructing experience, and imagination, I should try my hand at writing a series of children’s books. And so, the Awelon Tyn Stories were born. The series centres around a little riding school in South Wales, hence the Welsh name. Awelon Tyn means Breezy Farm, and I chose it because the words are easily pronounced by the non-Welsh but still have an unusual ring to them.

Today, the third book in the series was published on Amazon and Createspace. This book is much more exciting than the first as I now have an illustrator to bring my ideas to life.

The books, in chronological order, are:

Tilly Takes Up The Reins
Emily Goes Showjumping
Isla Picks Herself Up

Please have a look online for the books – they’d make great stocking fillers for any pony mad girls!

I’d appreciate any sharing of the books via social networking sites or reviews on Amazon – thanks!