Going Bananas!

I’ve had a fabulous non horsey weekend with the girls this weekend, so sorry for the lack of blogs – it’s been tiring and busy, but lots of fun – thanks girls! Anyway, I’m winding down now with back copies of my horse magazine (the latest has arrived and I’m still only halfway through the last but one copy!) a bath and dinner cooked by my D.G (Domestic God).

Anyway; a quick survey, triggered by an article I just read.

What is your horse’s favourite treat?

Otis loves bananas, especially ones which are past their best. You know what I mean, mottled black and very soft. He loves them! Apparently in countries like Australia they’re fed as commonly as carrots.

He also likes orange peel, well all the orange really, but the peel is his favourite. 
If I have biscuits he’ll try and steal one; bourbons and hobnobs are our favourite! To be honest, I find that whatever I’m eating he wants to eat it too! Breakfast bars, especially oaty ones, or malt loaf.

Last week I had to share my peanut butter sandwich with one of the mares as I turned her out after riding her!

Leave your comments below – what are your horse’s favourite treats? Or perhaps they’re really fussy and only like one species of apple?